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BArrister eng. habil ahmed khan

president's message

Alumni Association is determined to serve GIKI’s students and alumni at its best. 

We are working continuously to connect worldwide alumni, support GIKI students financial as well as morally and help them achieving their goals. 

All this requires a handsome amount as regular expenses.

By purchasing GIKI Souvenirs you not only get a memorable item of your alma mater, but you are also supporting alumni association to cope with its admin expenses hence enabling them to continue their efforts.  

core values

GIKI Alumni Associatoin is activly working to become a proactive body that generates value for GIKI, its alumni and its students.


Pro-active value-generating network of Alumni


Ethics and high professional standards; including volunteerism, generosity & excellence


Mutual respect, tolerance, diversity and inclusion


Sustainability, commitment and ownership


Best Quality Gaurteed

GIKI Alumni Association ensures to deliver you the best quality of GIKI souvenirs which will remind you the quality education and life at GIKI. 


where your money goes !

GIKI Alumni Association is serving GIKI alumni and GIKI students since 2004.

Connecting alumni worldwide, arranging mentorship sessions, managing funds for financial assistance, audits and lot of other activities not only require time but it cost about 2 million annual budget. This budget is supported by your generous donations to the Alumni Association. However, GIKI Alumni Association aims to get self sustained. For this purpose the association is working on different projects. GIKI Merchandize is one of these projects.

Therefore the profit, generated by all the stuff you purchase here on GIKI Alumni Association Shop, is used to cope with admin expense of the association.

So be sure that your every purchase is ultimately supporting all the good causes driven the GIKI Alumni Association.

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